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Mont Marmont - Bergseboswandeling 3, crossing the Hillridge, over de Heuvelrug

Hike with length of own choosing (9, 11, 16, 20, 22 km)through forest, across estates and sanddrifts, crossing the ridge
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 13.67 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Wandeling van 9, 11, 16, 20 of 22 km, door Noordhout, langs de pyramide van Austerlitz, en over landgoed Den Treek.

You walk in... more »

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Points of Interest

2. Take left after the tunnel. Na het tunneltje eerste bospad linksaf.

We enter Bornia estate, but leave it lying to the west (this is Bergseboswandeling nr2). Instead we immediately hit the first right entering the forest to the north.

Landgoed Bornia op, maar dat laten we links liggen, wij slaan meteen het eerste paadje rechtsaf. Over Bornia loopt een andere hele mooie wandeling van de Bergse Bossen. Link vindt u... More

3. Cross the road Oude Postweg. Steek Oude Postweg over

....and walk the bicyclelane on the left of the main road.

....en volg het fietspad aan de linkerkant van de weg.

4. Just past the busstuop cross the main road.... Even na de bushalte oversteken...

...and enter the estate Den Treek / Henschoten.
... en betreed landgoed Den Treek / Henschoten.

5. Enter the combined estates of Den Treek and Henschoten

On the estates (landgoederen) of Den Treek / Henschoten the Utrecht Hillridge meets the valley Gelderse Vallei. Here you enjoy both, with all variations in types of evergreen forest on sandy soil, and pastures and semi-wetlands on clay soil.

Den Treek / Henschoten ligt op de overgang Gelderse Vallei en HeuvelrugLandgoed Henschoten ligt bovenop... More

6. Pass playground and restaurant..... Langs Speeltuin en restaurant.....

straight on to the Austerlitz Pyramid. Rechtdoor naar de Piramide van Austerlitz

7. De Austerlitz Pyramid. De Piramide van Austerlitz

The Austerlitz Pyramid is a 36 meter high pyramid made of earth, built in 1804 by Napoleon's soldiers. It is one of the highest points of the Utrecht Hillridge. On top of the pyramid the soldiers put a stone obelisk, in 1894.

We have now walked 4 km, and this is where you first choose to return to hotel Bergse Bossen through (14) Noordhout (5 km)... More

8. You ve chosen the detour... u kiest voor een extra rondje door de Franse Put

This area is called Franse Put, or the French Well, because of the prolonged presence of French soldiers of Napoleon's army, and their descendants. Because Major Marmont was afraid the pyramid would be destroyed after his departure, he hit a well in the immediate vicinity.

Retired military personnel and their families were housed in three small... More

9. You return to the main route. U keert nu terug op de hoofdroute.

Choose between continuing to the (9) Marmontheuvel and on to the estate Den Treek (+6km), or return to the Bergse Bossen via (14) Noordhout.

Kies voor doorgaan over de Marmontheuvel (9) en verder naar landgoed Den Treek (+6km), of voor terugkeer naar de Bergse Bossen via landgoed Noordhout (14).

You have arrived at the ridges northern side. Choose again between continuing to the estate (11)Den Treek (+5km) or return to the Bergse Bossen via (14)Noordhout

U bent nu aan de noordzijde van de Heuvelrug gearriveerd. U kunt hier kiezen voor een extra rondje (+5km) de Gelderse vallei in, over Landgoed Den Treek , of voor terugkeer naar de... More

11. Estate of Den Treek / Leusderheide

You just descended the Marmontberg, with the Austerlitz Pyramid on top. To your left you find the Leusderheide, a former military training ground being returned to nature. In front you walk the Treekerpunt, a hilly heath land, which was restored in 2008 by removing ist trees. It is one of the last pieces of heather, which until the early 20th... More

12. You approach the crossing. U nadert het kruispunt van de verschillende rout

Carefully cross the mainroad Woudenbergseweg, on to the (13) koepel van Stoop en (14) the estate of Noordhout, back to the Bergse Bossen.

Steek voorzichtig de provinciale weg over, en loop via de koepel van Stoop (13) en landgoed Noordhout (14) terug naar de Bergse Bossen.

13. Koepel van Stoop

J.B. Stoop, a wealthy banker in 1840 bought the etstate Henschoten, on which he first built a teahouse, the first building of a countryhouse he wanted to build. He later bought a site in Zeist, which proved to be more suitable for his project, and renamed it Molenbosch, or Millwood.

The teahouse was left, later to be remembered as 'the dome of... More

14. Roaming the woods of Noordhout. Dwars door Noordhout

Noordhout -Dutch for North Wood- has been named one of the most scenic areas of the Netherlands. It is one of the first afforestations of the Heuvelrug, with a large variety in species.

This results in a varied landscape, with beautiful beech avenues, Scots pine or Douglas firs, with pastures and other open areas. This combination attracts many ... More

15. Along highway A12 and railtrack. Langs A12 en spoorweg

Returning to the Bergse Bossen we nearly touch the main railway Utrecht-Arnhem, and one of Hollands main hihgways just behind it. Crossing both a wildlife crossing was recently constructed, as you might be able to see through the trees.

Continue your walk, taking the same tunnel and return to the Bergse Bossen, for a well-deserved refreshment.

... More