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Shibuya Nights

Get "arrested" in a jail-themed restaurant, dance 'til dawn and spend the night in a love hotel
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 2.1 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview:  The ever-energetic Shibuya is one of the most iconic places in Tokyo. The giant two-story TV screen that greets those leaving Shibuya ... more »

Tips:  The reality of Shibuya is that there are a million ways to spend a night here. Countless bars, restaurants, clubs and ways to party... more »

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Points of Interest

When exiting Shibuya station, head toward the Hachiko exit, named for a statue of a dog named Hachiko. The story behind this statue is that back in the 1920s, this loyal dog greeted his master, Professor Hidesaburo Ueno, every day at Shibuya station at the end of the day. The professor died, but the dog kept waiting for him--every day--for nine... More

2. The Lock Up

About a 10-minute walk from the station, the Lock Up is a jail-themed izakaya restaurant. You did read that correctly! First, the izakaya is like a Japanese version of a pub--you can get small plates of grub to share with friends, and drinks, all in a lively atmopshere. But this is a step beyond, as you'll quickly realize when you walk through the... More

3. Club Womb

By the name of this club, you might think you're walking into a smaller, intimiate place. While not as big as Tokyo clubs like Ageha, Womb has a huge dance floor. Expect higher-profile DJs than you might see at our next stop, Club Asia. The crowd is a mix of foreign and Japanese 20-somethings and the dress is mostly jeans and club wear.
03... More

4. Club Asia

One of the most popular nightclubs in Shibuya, Club Asia has a top-notch sound sytem. Big names and big events with an East Asian-style interior and elevated DJ booth are what you can expect to find here. The crowd is mostly Japanese and the music ranges from dub step to techno to house to hip-hop.

Check the official site at http://asia.iflyer.jp... More

5. Love Hotel Hill

After a few sweaty hours of dancing, you might find yourself looking for a place to crash. Really, even if just among friends, staying in a love hotel in Tokyo is something every tourist should try and experience. It makes for a great story back home!

In this area, you can find a whole slew of cheesy theme hotels that charge by the hour, called ... More