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Trip List by Guzzle

Top Ten Smoke Free Destinations in the U.S.

Apr 9, 2006  A non-smoker
3.0 of 5 stars based on 18 votes

Fancy a trip where the smoke doesn't get in your eyes? Head to one of these forward-thinking cities for a breath of fresh air.

  • 1. Seattle, Washington
    Seattle, Washington

    One of the U.S.' most recent ex-smokers, bars and restaurants in the Emerald City have been smoke free since December 2005.

  • 2. L.A., California
    Los Angeles, California

    Forget all those smoking scenes in Hollywood movies, nobody is supposed to light up inside any of Los Angeles' myriad bars and restaurants.

  • 3. Madison, Wisconsin
    Madison, Wisconsin

    Tobacco is not one of the flavors in Madison's renowmed fish fries - the city banned smoking in July 2005.

  • 4. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Go to Minneapolis in winter - it's a great way to give up smoking. With freezing temperatures outside and smoking banned in bars, restaurants and bowling alleys, you'll be going smoke-free in no time.

  • 5. Boston, Massachusetts
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Sup Boston's famous chowder or grab a pint in one the many Irish bars, without anyone lighting up nearby.

  • 6. Portland, Maine
    Portland, Maine

    Seafood rules this New England town where smoking is banned in bars and restaurants.

  • 7. San Francisco, California
    San Francisco, California

    The only haze that's going to get in the way of your perfect night out is San Francisco's legendary fog.

  • 8. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
    Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

    Restaurants and bars along the boardwalk of this seaside favorite are smoke free.

  • 9. New York City
    New York City, New York

    Tuck into a slice of pizza or a New York bagel without smoke interfering with your taste buds.

  • 10. Atlantic City, New Jersey
    Atlantic City

    Enjoy a smoke-free meal or drink in Atlantic City's restaurants and bars, but beware the fact that casinos are exempt from the smoke free rule.