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Things to do in Loipersdorf

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Category: Wellness Spas
Owner description: à la LoipersdorfThat is the combination of the three pillars “let go”, “experience” and “strengthen” to one unique life... more » Owner description: à la LoipersdorfThat is the combination of the three pillars “let go”, “experience” and “strengthen” to one unique life balance concept, which you will find nowhere else but in Loipersdorf. And you can feel it throughout the entire resort.The thermal resort Loipersdorf includes five hotels, located directly by the thermal springs, a conference center, a golf course, a fitness studio and one hundred partner companies within the region. Everywhere you go, you can enjoy life freely, following our motto “let go”, “experience” and “strengthen”. “Let go” to achieve mental strength, “experience” through sports activities and fun, and rounding it all off “strengthen” yourself with healthy nutrition. All together, this makes up the life balance à la Loipersdorf. It is based on the concept that we can only live a balanced and healthy life if we ensure that these three pillars are in equilibrium. And the thermal resort Loipersdorf will support you in achieving just this balance! Within the resort you can enjoy the variety offered by two thermal spas, the “Lebenstherme” and “mein Schaffelbad”. We are also well-known for our spectacular sports events. A highlight of each season is our Loipersdorf trophy. We’re talking mountain biking here. Wind and weather, rain and snow. Yes, well OK, that bit about the snow is a fib. But still – whether off-road, uphill, downhill – professionals and amateurs alike hiss through the region. And there are some spectacular jumps and exciting duels. The resort also includes a true runners’ paradise, in which you can discover the region either in groups or by hitting the trails on your own. Thanks to our size, there is enough room for everybody, as well as for all the adorable little odds and ends you will come to discover here. In the thermal springs, but also in our region, where you can actively enjoy the breath-taking landscape and whet your palate on hearty regional specialties. We love this region and its traditions and we know that this spot on the face of the Earth provides us with strength and energy.You will see: we have a very special Loipersdorf spirit, like to laugh a bit too loud every now and again and brim over with wit and charm. « less
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Ranked #2 of 2 attractions in Loipersdorf
Category: Hiking Trails; Sports