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Top things to do in Venezuela

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Cayo de Agua (Los Roques National Park)
Travelers' Choice™ 2015 Winner Beaches
Angel Falls (Canaima National Park)
This breathtakingly beautiful waterfall is 16 times the height of Niagara Falls and one of... more
Isla Coche (Margarita Island)
La Gran Sabana (Canaima National Park)
This fascinating terrain consists of vast plains filled with tabletop mountains, or tepuis.
Roraima (Canaima National Park)
The tallest tepui (flat-topped, cliff-edged mountain) in Venezuela’s great plains, Roraima’s... more
Cayo Francisqui (Los Roques National Park)
A great destination for day-tripping windsurfers, fly fishermen and beach aficionados.
Praia Crasky (Isla El Gran Roque)
Madrisqui (Isla El Gran Roque)
Laguna de la Restinga (Margarita Island)
Visit this natural lagoon in La Restinga National Park, which lies on the isthmus that adjoins the... more
Mt. Auyantepui (Canaima National Park)
The world-renowned Angel Falls cascade from the cliffs of Mt. Auyantepui, which is one of the... more
Kavak (Canaima National Park)
A trip to this village consists of traveling through a rainforest, then swimming into a cave that... more
Playa El Yaque (Margarita Island)
Playa ubicada al Sur de la Isla de Margarita a 5 minutos del aeropuerto. Es una playa de aguas... more
Basilica Virgen del Valle (Margarita Island)
The basilica features the "Virgin of the Valley," an image of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.... more
Mochima National Park (North-Eastern Region)
Created to protect forests in the Turmiquire mountain range, Mochima National Park is a gorgeous... more
Salto Aponguao (Canaima National Park)
Boasting a drop of more than 300 feet, Salto Aponguao is one of Venezuela's most attractive... more
Though construction of the Cathedral began in the early nineteenth century, it was delayed by two... more
Museo Marino de Margarita (Margarita Island)
  • Not worth the time! 11/04/2014