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Things to do in Iznajar

Ranked #1 of 4 attractions in Iznajar
Category: Castles; Cultural

Iznajar Castle Iznajar Castle was constructed in the 7th century by the Moors. It kept being reformed until the 15th century. After the Christian conquest, the castle became the... more »

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Ranked #2 of 4 attractions in Iznajar
  • Beautiful Church 01/21/2012

Church of Santiago Apostol The Church of Santiago Apostol is located at Calle Julio Burell, 16, in the highest part of the town. The church was designed by Hernan Ruiz el Joven... more »

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Ranked #3 of 4 attractions in Iznajar
  • Good Facade 01/21/2012
Category: Historic Sites; Landmarks/ Points of Interest; Landmarks

Casa de las Columnas The Casa de las Columnas is an impressive house in the town and it housed the administration of the Counts of Albi. The façade shows the Salazar coat of arms... more »

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