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Things to do in Mombaruzzo

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Category: Distilleries; Food and Drink
Owner description: In 2002, on the eve of the harvest, the moment when the Berta family’s address took backthe place-name of Roccanivo... more » Owner description: In 2002, on the eve of the harvest, the moment when the Berta family’s address took backthe place-name of Roccanivo (Casalotto di Mombaruzzo). A large structure, that decided toexpand further, built with a careful sense of ist relation to the vine hills, where it peacefully sits,with a façade of a simple house, displaying the family name on the frieze. It is a house belongingas much to grappa as to the Berta family, open and comfortable, decorated with the coats ofarms of all the surrounding regions, where wine is produced with artisanal mastery and stateof-the-art electronic systems.In a warm and cozy atmosphere, the steam-powered stills work slowly and rigorously, totransform the damp and aromatic grape pomace into something strong, but at the same timesoft and subtle.Visitors are sheltered by an antique wooden roof and breathtaking, striking views of thehilly landscape. The Berta Distilleries have become not only an obligatory stop on any itinerarydedicated to food and wine lovers flocking to these hills, but also continue to be the destinationfor so many friends from the world of entertainment and sports, artists, elite restaurateurs,and the great Italian winemaking families; all brought together by ‘that unmistakable aroma offreshly pressed grapes’.Nel 2002, l’indirizzo dei Berta recupera il toponimo di Roccanivo. È così, che l’impresacambia domicilio per spostarsi là vicino, dove inizialmente la prima generazione vi avevadato l’avvio. Nasce una grande struttura costruita con sobrio senso della misura sulle collinedel vino, nelle quali si inserisce serenamente la casa della grappa, sul cui fregio compareil nome della famiglia. Aperta e confortevole è decorata con gli stemmi di tutti i paesicircostanti, in cui le lavorazioni sono guidate con maestria artigianale.In un ambiente caldo e ovattato, gli alambicchi a corrente di vapore lavorano, in modolento e oneroso, per trasformare le vinacce umide e profumate nel dolce ma potente nettaredivino.I visitatori sono accolti da un tetto di legno antico e da alcuni spaccati di paesaggiocollinare tanto suggestivi da mozzare il fiato. Le Distillerie Berta non solo sono diventateuna tappa di indiscussa importanza all’interno di itinerari che sempre maggiormente fannoconfluire tra queste colline gli amanti dell’enogastronomia, ma continuano ad essere lameta di tanti amici provenienti dal mondo dello spettacolo e dello sport, artisti, scrittori,grandissimi ristoratori e nobili famiglie di vignaioli italiani; tutti legati a “quell’aromainconfondibile dell’uva appena pigiata”. « less
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Category: Specialty Shops; Shopping
Owner description: It was Paolina Berta, the grandmother of Gianfranco and Enrico Berta, who had for the first time the idea of accompanying the... more » Owner description: It was Paolina Berta, the grandmother of Gianfranco and Enrico Berta, who had for the first time the idea of accompanying the Macaroons with distilled products. An intuition that had a significant success and revealed itself as a cutting edge point. As an heir and pursuer of the traditions, in 2011, the Berta distillery decides to create a pastry activity inside its structure, introducing itself harmonically in the delightful hill landscape. It was then decided to renovate the antique tradition of the Macaroons with the grappa, newly processing the historical recipe that requires the use of sugar of uppermost quality, sweet and bitter almonds, albumen of egg and renowned distilled products. That's how a new cake with a golden look, perfumed and soft to the touch, was born. The addition in the dough of some drops of distilled products, made by Berta, makes the Mombaruzzo Macaroon even more fragrant, more delicate, at a point that makes the rich perfume of the scent of the grapes just pressed emerge. All along lover of the challenges, the Berta family decided in 2011 to expand the production of Macaroons through the acquisition of Moriondo Carlo, an historical trademark in the field of the Macaroons production. Inside the historical headquarter of Via Saracco 7, since more than a century, typical delicacies are selected and masters of the taste strive to reproduce the ancient recipes of the tradition, that are passed down from generation to generation and jealously safeguarded. In addition to the production of typical cakes, such as the Macaroons, and the grappa, there are also other products made with hazelnut, coffee, candy fruit, hazelnut cakes, tarts, dry pastry, included the so-called "baci di dama", the "brutti e buoni", the caramelized hazelnuts and almonds ; all of these are made with excellent ingredients, carefully selected, without preservatives and added flavors, as the genuineness of the dough imposes. Among the novelties figures the traditional ice-cream, made with seasoning fresh fruit, milk, eggs, chocolate and hig quality raw materials. « less
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Ranked #3 of 3 attractions in Mombaruzzo
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